Bled Cream Cake, a must try in Slovenia

In Bled, something really important took place in 1953, that was the year when the princess of Slovenian desserts, Bled Cream Cake was born. Bled Cream Cake or kremšnita, as the locals call it, is a deliciously fluffy dessert made from custard, cream and pastry.

If you are visiting Bled, no diet is an excuse for not trying one! The best (and also original one) you will find in Hotel Park, which is also the place where Bled cream cake was first made by Serbian pastry chef Ištvan Lukačević. Inspired by Vojvodina Cream Cake he put together a layer of pastry in the bottom, sweet layers of custard and cream and some more pastry with icing sugar on the top.

So if you're in for original Bled Cream Cake, visit Park Cafe (Cesta svobode 10, Bled) and enjoy the view of the lake from Bled promenade while you're tasting this perfect blend of tastes.

If you're not in the mood for waiting in the crowd, not even for such a delicious dessert as it is Bled Cream Cake, then you might want to try a non-original, but still incredibly delicious cream cake in Zima Pastry Shop (Grajska pot 3, Bled). The place is less crowded as Park Cafe, but their cream cakes are great as well.

Bled Cream Cake or kremšnita