About J&M Holiday Homes


We are Jože and Marija, a married Slovenian couple, who have worked hard for our whole lives to provide the best possible life for our three beautiful children. Now that they've (more or less) successfully grown up, it's time for us to relax and enjoy all of life's little pleasures.

We like to explore new places, eat delicious food (preferably Italian!) and spend time during long walks in fresh air and beautiful nature. We're extremely lucky to be living in Slovenia, which generously offers all three of the above.

When we travel, we like to stay in comfortable places, where we can relax and take our time to cook delicious dinners with love being the most important ingredient. And that's exactly what we had in mind while getting every single one of our vacation rentals ready for our guests to stay in.

We are confident that the holiday homes we are offering are a nice blend of spaciousness and comfort, generously sprinkled with the same care we used to raise our children in loving homey environment.

During your stay, we'll do our absolute best for you to feel good, while spending cosy evenings in our holiday home, recharging your batteries after exploring the beauties of Slovenia.